Development of an application for the formation of mathematical abilities and economic wit

Netrebina Nina Aleksandrovna - Master's student. Volgograd State University

Toryannikov Dmitry Vladimirovich - Master's student. Volgograd State University

Poluboyarova Natalia Mikhailovna - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Experimental Mathematics


The authors discusses an innovative approach to building and developing mathematical ability and economic acumen through the Math Wonderland application. It also demonstrates how gamification and interactive methods help to increase students' motivation and make the process of applying mathematics more fun and effective, showing how close the links between mathematics and economics are. The game was developed by the authors of the study using Blender and Unity tools. These modern tools and technologies make it possible to animate all the tasks offered in the game for the development of logic, wit, memory and spatial thinking. And well thought-out adaptability and individualization of difficulty levels allow the game to be used by children with different degrees of mathematical skills (the target audience is children aged 5 years and older). The results of testing the game in schools confirm its effectiveness in teaching math, developing critical thinking and economic literacy.

Keywords: gamification; automation of learning; mathematics; educational technologies; computer game; game models; creative education; economic savvy.

For citation: Netrebina N.A., Toryannikov D.V., Poluboyarova N.M. Development of an application for the formation of mathematical abilities and economic wit. Digital models and solutions. 2024. Vol. 3, no. 2. Pp. 55–72. DOI: 10.29141/2949-477X-2024-3-2-5. EDN: PQPBEI.

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