Journal’s sections

Journal’s sections

«System analysis» – the section accepts theoretical and applied research devoted to the development and application of methods of system analysis of complex applied research objects, system connections and regularities of development of objects and processes taking into account industry specifics, focused on improving the efficiency of their management using modern methods of information processing and methods of artificial intelligence.

«Management, data processing and artificial intelligence» – section covering a wide range of problems and issues of management and information processing, artificial intelligence, purposeful human impact on research objects, including issues of analysis, modeling, optimization, improvement of management and decision-making, in order to improve the efficiency of functioning of research objects. The issues of development of methods and tools for preliminary analytical data processing using artificial intelligence approaches are considered.

«Economic and statistical methods of data analysis» – The section accepts studies on theoretical and methodological issues of application of economic-mathematical, statistical and instrumental methods of data analysis in economic research. The issues of design and development of economic-mathematical and statistical methods and models of global economy, inter-sectoral, inter-regional and inter-country socio-economic analysis are covered. Econometric, statistical methods of data analysis and hypothesis testing in economic science, as well as methods of analyzing "big data" in economic research are considered.

«Intellectual data analysis» – the section accepts articles covering theoretical issues of data mining, developing the processes of extraction and detection of patterns in large data sets with the involvement of machine learning methods, statistics of database systems, development of methods and means of accumulating knowledge about the development of economic systems and the use of artificial intelligence in the development of management decisions.

«Mathematical and imitational economic models» – the section is devoted to the aspects of design and development mathematical models of analysis and forecasting of economic processes. It considers issues related to the development and evaluation of computational models of general economic equilibrium; development and application of computer methods and applications for modeling economic processes; development and evaluation of simulation models of economic processes; combination of traditional modeling, optimization methods and artificial intelligence to obtain the best results based on both the theory of the subject area and the results of data processing.

«Management of data systems» – The section accepts scientific articles devoted to the development of theoretical foundations of methodology and tools for the design, development and maintenance of information systems of economic entities: Internet technologies, Web 3.0, methods of formalized representation of the subject area, software tools, databases, corporate data warehouses, knowledge bases, communication technologies. The problems of development and implementation of information systems in corporate and network structures are considered. The issues related to the development of theoretical foundations and tools for designing information systems of economic, environmental, technological monitoring are considered.

«Management of economic systems» – the section deals with the state and development trends of modern management; system analysis of state and corporate management problems; new ideas, technologies, results, hypotheses, prospects and experience of applying methods of system and conceptual analysis of economic systems management; examples of improving management of economic systems; prospects of applying methods of conceptual analysis and design in the development of normative technologies. Studies on theoretical and applied aspects of artificial intelligence application for optimization of managerial decisions are accepted.

«Strategies of public and corporative management» – the section accepts articles reflecting the problems of public and corporate governance, examining modern forms and methods of corporate control, firm value management.

«Strategic and game models» – the section reflects the application of game-theoretic models in economic and social research.