Digital marketing as an element of sustainable development: trends, challenges and opportunities

Rano A. Dadabaeva - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Digital Economy and Information Systems. Tashkent State University of Economics

Fakhriyor S. Jamoliddinov - master’s student. Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan


In the intersection of digital marketing and sustainability, emerging trends and innovations are shaping the landscape as businesses increasingly recognize the importance of environmental and social responsibility. The article is devoted to the impact of digital marketing solutions on the process of achieving sustainable development goals. It analyzes trends indicating a significant shift in consumer preferences towards environmentally friendly products and socially responsible consumer behavior. The article provides examples of several international campaigns that illustrate successful efforts contributing to sustainable development. The role of digital technologies in achieving sustainable development goals examined, emphasizing the necessity of integrating sustainability issues into corporate digital strategies.

Keywords: sustainability, digital marketing, consumer engagement, environmental responsibility, consumer preferences, corporate social responsibility, content marketing, sustainability metrics.

For citation: Dadabaeva R.A., Jamoliddinov F.S. Digital marketing as an element of sustainable development: trends, challenges and opportunities. Digital models and solutions. 2024. Vol. 3, no. 1. Pp. 65–79. DOI: 10.29141/2949-477X-2024-3-1-6. EDN: YZSBMF.

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